Tim Jones

Tim Jones

12th May 2013 0 By Tim Jones

I have loved metal since my mid-teens.

From listening to Iron Maiden on a Walkman in the school playground and playing air guitar to Smoke on the Water at a school disco to almost sustaining a serious back injury stagediving at a Morbid Angel gig, I’ve loved it for over 25 years.

The first concert I went to was Slayer at Newcastle City Hall in 1991. No other band has ever managed to top that experience, but I keep trying to find one that can.

I like thrash, crossover, hardcore, punk, grindcore, death metal and possibly a million sub-genres of these whose names I don’t know.

I write a humorous blog – http://manthatrants.blogspot.co.uk/ – and short stories in my spare time. I’ve got books published and everything.

I once embarrassed myself by falling up some stairs in front of Scott Vogel from Terror and I try to play metal songs on the ukulele from time to time.

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