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Meet the team – this is the place where you can find more out about each of our team. At the moment this is not all of the team – more will be added in due course

15th October 2013 0

Fraser Fionn Wilson

By Fraser

Born in the frozen tundras of Scotland in ’96, I depressingly missed the glory days of the ’80s but I…

16th May 2013 0

Ian Markowitz

By Craig

  Oftentimes one will ask: “What IS Ian?” Is he a ravenous space creature from another galaxy? Is he an…

12th May 2013 0

Tim Jones

By Tim Jones

I have loved metal since my mid-teens. From listening to Iron Maiden on a Walkman in the school playground and…

19th April 2013 0

Dan Peeke

By Dan Peeke

    Hi! I’m Dan; I’m still at school at the moment, doing my GCSE’s. I like classic rock like…

17th April 2013 0

Rich Dodgin

By Rich Dodgin

Hi, I’m Rich and I’ve been into metal since I first heard Master of Puppets back in 1988, when I…

7th April 2013 0

Meet The Team

By Craig

All About The Rock Owners   Craig Hogan Chris Key Ant Bower Matt Farrington     All About The Rock…

3rd April 2013 0

Daniel Hall

By Craig

  I’m Daniel Hall and I’m (as far as I know) the youngest reviewer this website has, being still at…

3rd April 2013 0

Mark Booth

By Mark Booth

Name: Mark ‘Cletus’ Booth \,,/ Top 5 Bands: Agnostic Front H2O Deicide (Serpents of the Light and earlier albums) Hammerfall…

3rd April 2013 0

Craig Hogan

By Craig

Hi! I am Craig and I am one of the 2 founding members of All About The Rock. My love…

6th December 2012 0

Andy Davis

By Andy Davis

Andy ‘Scully’ Davis I’m Andy, I’m 39 years old and I’ve been listening to Rock/Metal for as long as I…

21st November 2012 0

Joe Denby

By Joe Denby

First of all thank you for reading this bit! As a small child I gravitated towards my Dad’s record player…

3rd November 2012 0

Paul Flynn

By Paul Flynn

Ive been listening to rock and metal now for about 28 years. I love all kinds of music but have…

2nd September 2012 0

Joe Reed

By Joe Reed

My name is Joe Reed. I am 29 years old, from Cleveland, OH, and a current member of To Dust…

22nd December 2011 Off

Carlos Cardoso

By Carlos Cardoso

Hello there, my name is Carlos Cardoso and I am from Portugal. Started listening to Rock & Metal when I…

30th August 2011 Off

George Nisbet

By George Nisbet

Hi, I’m George, and my exposure to the realm of metal came when I heard Iron Maiden‘s Live after Death and…