Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall

3rd April 2013 0 By Craig


I’m Daniel Hall and I’m (as far as I know) the youngest reviewer this website has, being still at school.

I’m currently working towardsmy GCSE’s – hoping to do well. I’m into all kinds of music from classic rock to death metal. My favorite band is probably between Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Metallica, Rival Sons, well… there’s too many to choose from, I just tend to like everything!

I live in South-East London and am willing to go to any London gigs that will let me in! I also play guitar, only in a small school band but hope to get bigger when I leave school. I’ve got a cherry red Vintage VS6 with a marshal, a distortion pedal and a loop pedal which I find to be a great set-up. I like reviewing albums as I like listening to all new and different styles of music and having my thoughts heard on them!

I’m also a tweeter, follow me! @danielpartyhall

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