Author: Howard 'H' Smith

Howard is better known both as Howard 'H' Smith, the lead singer from UK Thrashers Acid Reign and also as his comedy alter ego 'Keith Platt'. During his careers he has been on tour with Nuclear Assault, Flotsam and Jetsam, Death Angel, Exodus, Dark Angel, Candlemass and Suicidal Tendencies and has graced the comedy stage at Download festival more than once.
30th September 2020 0

Podcast Episode 87: Kragen Lum (Heathen) September 2020

By Howard 'H' Smith

In this Bollocast I chat to Kragun Lum of Heathen all about their awesome new album Empire Of The Blind. We talk about having to generate content, Heathen and their underdog label they have been unfairly tagged with and releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic.  Also included are news updates, reviews of reviews, reviews of press releases, reviews of unrecorded solo albums, comment on virtual festivals and a passionate defence of Metallica selling whiskey for hundreds of dollars. This Is Lockdown Protest Bollocks.