Timo Tolkki’s INFINITE VISIONS disband – Demo songs released & future plans revealed

Timo Tolkki’s INFINITE VISIONS disband – Demo songs released & future plans revealed

7th January 2021 0 By Jon Deaux

Timo Tolkki

Unfortunately, as Infinite Visions did not meet its crowdfunding goal there will be no album and the band will not continue. As a farewell to the fans, Infinite Visions are posting the five songs that were recorded for their demo, including two unreleased songs, “Dangerous” and “Voice Of Tomorrow” (Erik Kraemer pre-production vocal demo). Some “bonus tracks” are also included: the keyboard demo by Jimmy Pitts for “Dangerous” and the unmixed drum tracks by Pawel Jaroszewicz for “Voice Of Tomorrow”. A video has been made with these songs.

The audio can be streamed here until the end of January: https://infinitevisionsband.com/music

Guitarist Timo Tolkki stated, “Now my Plan is to release “Union Magnetica” as my solo album perhaps with names like Elize Ryd, Sharon Den Adel, Russel Allen, Rob Rock etc. My Plan is to release this Solo Album Next Autumn and Tour it Worldwide.”

Dani G

The remaining members of Infinite Visions have formed a new, yet-to-be-named band, and have added two guitarists Nils Courbaron (Sirenia/Think Of A New Kind) and Dani G (Last Days Of Eden/Darksun); Dani will also serve as a 2nd vocalist. The lineup is completed by Erik Kraemer (lead vocals, Simulacrum), Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader), Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (bass, Asylum Pyre/ex-Heavenly), and Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/NorthTale). The band’s sound will be a mixture of the vast musical backgrounds of the members, ranging from heavy/power metal through prog, all the way to death metal rooted sounds. More information to follow.

Nils Courbaron

Video Tracklisting

1. Dangerous (0:00-4:38)
2. Sonata Black – Instrumental version (4:41-9:47)
3. You Rock My World (9:50-14:23)
4. Infinite Visions (14:25-19:58)

5. Voice Of Tomorrow – Erik Kraemer pre-production vocal demo (20:00-23:42)
6. Voice Of Tomorrow – Pawel’s raw drum tracks with guitars, no vocals (23:48-27:31)
7. Dangerous – Jimmy Pitts’ original keyboard demo (27:33-32:10)

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