UK tech-metal group Monasteries reveal new single ft. Ingested

UK tech-metal group Monasteries reveal new single ft. Ingested

26th August 2023 0 By John Deaux
UK tech-deathcore quintet MonasteriesĀ have released their new single ‘Spiralled Icon’, featuring Jason Evans of Ingested.

The single / video is from the band’sĀ new album Ominous, also released today, 25th August viaĀ SeekĀ and Strike.

The band will celebrate the release of Ominous at Bobiks, Newcastle, on 23rd September.
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Buy the album here:

Watch the videos for previous singlesĀ here:
‘Alone & Against’:Ā
‘Heaven Failed Us’:Ā

MonasteriesĀ are well known for their barrage of frenetic aggression and unrivaled intensity. From dissonant riffs and scathing vocals to massive breakdowns and infectious hooks, this band has quickly carved out their own niche within the deathcore genre. However, MonasteriesĀ continueĀ to pave new ground, pushingĀ past the boundaries of conventionalismĀ to craft some of the most dynamic and unique material of their already storied career.Ā 

Josh Davies (vocals) states:Ā ā€œWe all thought that ā€™Spiralled Icon’ would be the perfect track to release as we drop the full album, as we have taken the fans on a wild rollercoaster of emotions from ā€˜Alone & Againstā€™ to ā€˜Heaven Failed Usā€™ to now ā€˜Spiralled Icon.’ I personally feel this song is by far a heavier and more brutal track than ā€˜Alone & Against.ā€™Ā 

“The track is basically talking about how our icons have failed us and we looked up to them for either guidance, inspiration, solace or even some type of closure. Then just be pushed to the curb and treated like garbage, whether thatā€™s coming from your idols (friends, family, musicians, etc.) we look up to in the scene, A good percentage of it is smoke and mirrors and nothing is what it seems. I have known the Ingested guys for quite some time now and I asked Jason Evans (vocals) if he wanted to be a part of this release, as I felt his style and technique fit this song in particular. He brought something that I could not deliver with his brutal ass-beating throwback surpassing the boundaries of human suffering style and delivering it to its fullest potential. This is the song weā€™re the most proud of and shows the direction weā€™re headed in. The music video speaks for itself, as itā€™s abrupt and chaotic, which we love and canā€™t wait for the fans to be able to hear it.

“Lyrically, a lot of Ominous was written post-Covid and there is so much emotion and meaning behind these songs. Iā€™m personally speaking from my experiences from childhood to becoming an adult. Everyone has put every fiber of their being into these songs, from the fight riffs to the concept and then to the production side making sure that we will be delivering the most anticipated album of 2023. It has been one hell of a journey to bring this album to fruition and it has most certainly been a long time coming for us. People should expect the unexpected, as this album holds something for everyone, whether that goes from clean singing to blast beats to absolute ass-beater fighter riffs. I am grateful to my friends for taking part and delivering some of the most incredible guest spots to date and Iā€™m proud of Slav and Ivan for killing the producing, mixing, and mastering.Ā 

“The future is bright for us right now and we canā€™t wait for you to be a part of this journey.ā€


1. Ominous (ENTER)
2. Final Note To You
3. Spiralled Icon Ft. Jason Evans – IngestedĀ 
4. Orphan HallsĀ 
5. Six Behind BarsĀ 
6. Fatal Design Ft. Sven – AbortedĀ 
7. H.E.A.V.Y Ft Monte Barnard – EmberthroneĀ 
8. Reflective StateĀ 
9. Heaven Failed Us
10. Alone & Against
11. Ominous (EXIT)
12. (Bonus track) Fatal Design Ft Donovan Lee – Ritual Of DespairĀ 
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