Virus – Memento Collider – CD Review

Virus – Memento Collider – CD Review

8th June 2016 2 By Malli "Metalhead" Malpass

Thereā€™s a very fine line between genuine eccentricity and contrived oddness. I feel Virus straddle that line, musically exuding an unsettling, uneasy quirkiness. This, Virusā€™ 4th album is a sombre, melancholy affair, where seemingly mismatched melodies overlap and gel to form some genuinely interesting and intriguing music. The high calibre of the musicianship though out ā€˜Memento Colliderā€™ is unquestionable, each of its 6 tracks are expertly layered, creating depth and cohesion to music that could very easily slip out of control and become a mess of discordant notes in less capable hands. The vocal on this album puts me in mind of an avant-garde poetry performance in a smoky Parisian bar, where everyone wears black and no one dares to smile for fear of not seeming fashionably disinterested enough. That isnā€™t intended to be detrimental, the low, laid back, almost depressive style of vocal adds a certain charm and validity to this albums uneasy oddness.

Virus have an unusual style that sounds like Morrissey, Nick Cave and Primus produced a slightly stoned baby thatā€™s a little bit touched in the head, however, thereā€™s very little in terms of variation on ā€˜Memento Colliderā€™, one track seems to blend into the next with little distinction, making it a chore to get through in a single hit. This album is certainly an acquired taste and I think itā€™ll find its fans in the more herbally inclined. Iā€™m not saying you have to be completely off your gourd to appreciate ā€˜Memento Colliderā€™ but you may find it helps.


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1-Ā  Afield
2- Rogue Fossil
3-Ā Dripping Into Orbit
4-Ā Steamer
5- Gravity Seeker
6- Phantom Oil Slic

Score 7/10

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