Warcall – Invaders

Warcall – Invaders

10th October 2017 0 By Mark Booth

WARCALL will release their 4th album ‘Invaders’ on Friday 13th October via Plan B Music, so what can you expect from these Canadian metallers? Well the press release states MOTÖRHEAD mixed with DISSECTION, which instantly caught my eye, wouldn’t it catch yours? If not then you might as well stop reading now and go and hang your head in shame.

‘Invaders’ is a concept album about the human race fighting off/back against an alien invasion, it deals with the fight against oppression, resisting, reconquering, but without knowing if it is really all over! The album opens with “Mission Commando” and unloads with thunderous drums, blazing thrashy infectious speedy riffs and barked vocals, which set the tone for the whole adventure.

If you enjoy old school thrash, early speedy rock ‘n’ metal MOTÖRHEAD or DARKTHRONE in their thrashy black metal/crusty punk phase then WARCALL will wet your appetite and get you salivating! Dig out your battle vest, your white washed denim jeans and white trainers and bang that head furiously!

The production has a dirty raw feel that adds a ‘fuzz’ to the sound, yet is actually quite crisp and lets the band showcase their craft. Some people might argue that WARCALL don’t bring anything new to the party, however with an album as infectious, thrashy and groove laden as this does it really matter? If I had to pick a fault it would be that the odd track or two does out stay its welcome (ever so slightly), like the last drunk at a house party who doesn’t want to leave! Yet one of the best tracks is the album closer “Alien Forces” which clocks in at 05:49 (longest on the album) and pounds and thrashes away until its climax and leaves you hitting play again!

WARCALL have converted a new recruit to the fight and I will definitely be checking out their earlier material…well done guys!

Score 8


Track Listing
1. Mission Commando
2. Riding With Zombies
3. Bully Bastard
4. Mass Extinction
5. The Man Who Suffers
6. Fight Back
7. Black Panther
8. Through the Dusk
9. Para Bellum
10. Alien Forces
Release Date
13th October 2017
Plan B

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