11th July 2016 0 By John Deaux
PROSTHETIC RECORDS are thrilled to announce the signing of Vancouver-based metal outfit WORMWITCH.  
An early incarnation of the group started as more of a hardcore/punk band but as the band’s influence of Celtic Frost, Darkthrone and Disfear started showing up more in their music, they chose to rebrand themselves as WORMWITCH. The quartet released their first EP, “The Long Defeat” in October 2015 and by early 2016 had already premiered a new track, “Coffin Birth”, which No Clean Singing described as a “high-octane rush of deep, grinding riffs, piston-driven drumming, and thundering bass, with a heavy-as-hell production.” It was then that they caught the attention of PROSTHETIC RECORDS and soon a worldwide deal was struck.
The band remarked:
“Signing to Prosthetic is quite an honor and it’s mostly with thanks to our local music scene, for being a place we could grow and come to do this thing we love, that we move forward onto the next step in our musical journey. Prosthetic has housed and still houses some extremely influential bands and we’re excited to make a name for ourselves here as we continue to progress.”

WORMWITCH will enter Rain City Recorders later this month with producer Curtis Buckoll (Archspire) to begin work on their debut full length album, due out early 2017. Regarding the direction of the new material, the band comments, “it’s darker, heavier, more thoughtful, more primitive, and heavily rooted in the classic rock and metal sound that has shaped the genre, while still being uniquely Wormwitch.”

The band will be celebrating the signing at their hometown gig tonight at The Astoria Pub with black metallists’ Ghost Bath, Underling and He Whose Ox is Gored. 19+ only, tickets are available now at

Colby Hink – guitar
Kyle Shields – bass
Robin Harris – vocals
Max Vüst – drums
Find out more about the band & stay tuned for new music!

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