HRH Mag now available direct to your doorstep

Written by John Deaux

Hail HRH

We promised you all we would bring you an Old Skool quality Mag and we did, by popular demand we are now in a position to open up our “subs service” now, where we will deliver all 4 magazines each quarter directly to your door, just for the cost of post n packaging ( this is for the UK only)

So for 10.99 GBP a year you will receive 4 mags a year starting 1st September 2017 until August 2018. The 132 page HRH magazine is free and whats more if you join the HRH Subs Service during the month of June we will even throw in a free weekend pass to one of our city events on top for your loyalty.

All Mags will be marked by Volume number and Viking Season…you know we love a shield wall.

Anyway, watch the video below

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