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The One Hundred – Chaos + Bliss

Written by Jeni

Trying to explain to people that you’re listening to a band that tackle hardcore and grime in the same song is like explaining you like to mosh to classic music…it just doesn’t sound right…until you experience it. One of my main reasons for going to Download Festival was to catch The One Hundred and after an incredible performance I was super excited to get my teeth into this little gem.

The album is a clever fusion of hardcore, metal and grime transitioning effortlessly from punchy rap to brutal screams. The true question being do I mosh, do I skank or do I flail my arms like an overenthusiastic hype man…whatever the answer should be, you could get away with any of it. I find myself bopping along on the sofa as I write this unable to sit still and loving every minute.

The One Hundred blur the lines of genre with high energy, savage riffs and violent choruses and the switches in time signatures make the drops oh so sweeter.

The best of the songs like Boomtown and Monster have a sense of Enter Shikari about them but with a more raw feel, less commercialized and pure unadulterated passion and ferocity. The video for Monster is like an acid trip into the mind of Lewis Carroll, take from that what you like but I happen to be quite the fan of Alice in Wonderland so I’m all for it and damn is the tune catchy as hell and the combination of rap, unclean growls and female vocals over a bouncy tune makes Boomtown my personal favourite. That being said there are a few skip songs but it’s increasingly rare to find an album without them.

For a first album this is a great way to set the tone, get noticed and more importantly build a tight fan base and stand out in an industry overpopulated by autotune and teenagers baring their flesh for followers.

Score 9/10

Track List

  1. Dreamcatcher
  2. Monster
  3. Disengage
  4. Dark Matters
  5. Fake Eyes
  6. Hand Of Science
  7. Boomtown
  8. Blackjack
  9. Retreat
  10. Who We Are Now
  11. Chaos + Bliss
  12. Feast

    Release Date
    June 2nd 2017

    Check out The One Hundred HERE & purchase the album HERE

About the author


Hi, I’m Jeni, a twenty-something-year-old metal chick with a pungent for all things geek, art and bizarre fashion choices including my recent addition of light up trainers!!!

My passion for metal started when I was in school and my dad bought me Sum 41’s All Killer No Filler which I thought worked well with my Avril Lavigne esque skater girl look (It’s embarrassing I know but I’m pretty sure 90% of girls went through this shameful style of vest/tie combos). From there my love for metal started to blossom, I was spending most of my time at gigs and listening to more diverse music which got progressively heavier (to the dismay of my mum) and by the time I went to my first Download Festival I was in full swing. Windmilling arms towards the front pit of Slipknot and screaming like I knew what I was doing! (I didn’t know and just ended up losing my voice but it was an experience I’ll never forget).

Now, I predominantly listen to all things “core” metalcore, hardcore etc but I also still have a sweet spot for pop punk (I can hear the moans of everyone at AATR already). I’m sure you’ll get the gist of what I’m about from reading my reviews! I hope you all enjoy - Jenibean out :)

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