AFFASIA’s ‘Adrift in Remorse’ EP Now Streaming via New Noise Magazine

AFFASIA’s ‘Adrift in Remorse’ EP Now Streaming via New Noise Magazine

19th February 2018 0 By Jon Deaux

Richmond (VA) РNew Noise Magazine has premiered Adrift in Remorse, the forthcoming EP from Dark/Atmospheric Metal group AFFASIA. Stream the EP in its entirety below

Adrift in Remorse¬†will be released February 23 on Transcending Records. Fusing elements from their diverse influences, AFFASIA play guitar-driven dark, melodic metal with elements of Doom, Death, Darkwave, Shoegaze, atmospheric, and even classical music. A lyric video for “Dissolute” can be found¬†here.

Pre-order Adrift in Remorse at this location.

In addition to playing drums on the forthcoming album, Tony Petrocelly of In Trapan Studios (Guitarist/songwriter/producer of Construct of Lethe, guitarist of Grethor and drummer of Lord) recorded, mixed and mastered Adrift In Remorse. 

AFFASIA was created as a collaboration between founders Jason Jennings (Guitarist/Composer) and David Waltenbaugh (Guitarist/Composer/Producer in 2012. In 2013 the duo started searching for other members to complete the lineup. Noah Cabitto (Vocalist/Writer/Composer) joined and assisted with writing, lyrics and naming the project. Joshua Sheffield (Percussionist/Writer) joined shortly along with Nick Lucente (Bass Guitar) .

David and Nick resigned as active members in late 2014, although their contributions in writing the material had a big impact. In early 2015 Noah Jones (Bass) and Michael Potts (Guitar) were live members. In early summer of 2015 William Carter (Bass guitarist, formerly of Withersoul and Cremains) joined as bassist and Jaden Deesvanburick (Guitarist) joined resolidifying the lineup.

William and Jaden parted with AFFASIA in late 2016. Nick Lucente rejoined in early 2017. Unfortunately once AFFASIA had restarted recording in earnest Joshua had to respectfully resign as the full-time drummer. He was always the band’s guiding light and positively a sheer creative force that the group was proud to have and hope to work with again.

“Boasts pounding-yet-melodically-inclined power chord rhythms and droning leads, dense pulse of bass and plodding percussion, [and] morose singing contrasted by pained growls/screams. Adrift in Remorse¬†should very much appeal to fans of October Tide, Novembers Doom, etc.”

– Aversion Online

Track Listing:

  1. Another Host
  2. Dissolute
  3. Brittle Sentiment
  4. As You Never Were

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