ALBUM REVIEW :: Master – The Witchhunt

ALBUM REVIEW :: Master – The Witchhunt

29th September 2013 0 By Mark Booth

Well I’ve got (hopefully) a flurry of death metal reviews coming to you sandwiched in between work and trips to majestic European cities….first up (as it hasn’t been released yet and am a sucker on getting the review out before the album) is the new album from death metal stalwarts MASTER. Yes they are still going (am surprised as well) and this is their 12th album, now in my death metal heyday MASTER where renowned for their guitar riffs and old school death metal. The only original member left is vocalist/bassist Paul Speckmann! So has much changed on the latest album ‘The Witchhunt’?

The answer to the above question would be yes and no…this album is reminiscent of the early days of the genre which was, for the uneducated, mixing MOTORHEAD, VENOM, SLAYER & some CELTIC FROST for good measure. You then get MASTER from the aforementioned mix, however they have added a punky/hardcore vibe to the mix. The main thing on this album is the rhythm section and especially the blast beat barrage your ears will suffer. The blast beats attack the senses and drive the songs along while the bass riffs snake along and entwine with the drums to attack the listeners senses. The guitar riffs and solos seem to jump out at you to deliver fatal attacks before slithering back to the mix, they are brutal and catchy at the same time and add to the songs. Paul Speckmann vocals are still guttural and nod more towards Cronos of VENOM fame and don’t really change, he still spits bile about politicians, power hungry etc which has been his trademark.

The production on this album is very good, apart from on some songs Paul Speckmann vocals can sometimes be drowned out by the furious drumming or the rumbling bass or skin shredding guitar riffs and this can make the vocals sound intangible sometimes. However I do have some criticism of the album, the 11 tracks here last 52 minutes. The problem with that is some songs drag on for to long, for example “Manipulated to Exterminate” is 6 minutes long and the first and last 1.5 minutes (roughly) is spoken word over a slow rhythm death dirge before it kicks in. Also the song “Remove the Clowns” is 6 minutes that doesn’t really go anywhere and just seems bewildered among the assault of the other songs, so if you remove this song and shortened a few other songs this album could have packed a more heavier direct attack to the senses of the listener.

If you like death metal then you could do a lot worse than checking this album out and if your new to the genre then this is a new release that will wet your appetite for more death tinged metal in your life! MASTER still know how to reign supreme and show the pretenders in a overcrowded genre how it should be done…

SCORE – 7.5 out of 10


witchhuntALBUM INFO

Band: Master
Album: The Witchhunt
Record Label: FDA Rekotz
Release Date: 27th September 2013
Band Website:


1… The Witchhunt
2… Plans of Hate
3… Another Suicide
4… Waiting to Die
5… The Parable
6… God of Thunder
7… Remove the Clowns
8… Raise Your Sword
9… Wipe Out the Aggressor
10… Manipulated to Exterminate
11… The American Dream

Standout Tracks: “The Witchhunt”, “Another Suicide”, “The Parable” & “Wipe Out the Aggressor”



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