A’priori Interview

A’priori Interview

10th October 2016 0 By DJ Pixie
A’priori played the magnificent Wildfire Festival this year how did that go for you guys?

It was brilliant. We met some great bands, had a blast. Dave Richie and the guys put on a fantastic event, the sound was perfect, the hospitality was awesome, but the only thing lacking was the midge control! Those little fellas had a feast!

We saw you recently play Grand Central in Manchester, how does playing small venues like this compare to playing outdoor festivals?

When you play to an audience that participates and enjoys what you do, the size of the event doesn’t always matter. You can get as good an atmosphere in a packed smaller venue as you can an outdoor event. Despite rumours, size doesn’t always matter, it’s what you do with it that counts!

We have been watching your band back from the early days of playing Blackpool bandstand, to small bike rallies, working your way up to supporting the likes of Attica Rage in Bradford and onto playing bigger festivals like Wildfire. why do you think as a musician it’s such a slow process working your way up the ladder as a band?

Most bands face, at one time or another, events that take them a step back in their progression.  A’priori have been through a lot of setbacks, but, unlike a lot of bands, we’re still here doing what we do best. We survive. We are thankful for the support given to us thought the years at home and abroad.  But yes, it can be a stop and start business, but we love what we do and that drive us forward.

Playing alongside original AC/DC vocalist Dave Evans must have been one of the first big names you got to play on the same bill as, what was that like?

As AC/DC are a massive influence on us, it was an honour to play and meet him. It was one of highlights of our career so far, alongside previously supporting Preston Reed, Eric Bell of Thin Lizzy, as well as Dorje and Inglorious more recently, Meeting Dave Evans was a tick off the top of the list for us and we hope to do it again soon.

How would you say your music has evolved since you first started playing?

Massively, the ‘A’priori-ness’ that we aim to create is always present in whatever we have produced, but the sound changes along with our growth and evolution as songwriters and musicians.  We’ve always prided ourselves to be outside the mainstream of rock music, but even outside the box has to expand as well.

How would you describe A’prioris music to someone who hadn’t seen the band before?

A’priori has changed so much over the years that the definition of what we were doing is different to what we do now, and what we will be doing in the future. We don’t like repetition and to be labelled as just another Rock band,  so our music changes constantly. We are influenced by the likes of Guns n Roses, Audioslave, Aerosmith, Black Stone Cherry etc. You’ll find when you come to our gigs, your foot will tap, your hips will sway and your head with bang. If that’s what people want, then come and see us!

What has been your biggest challenge as a band so far and how have you overcome that challenge?

Where we live in sunny Blackpool, there is hardly anything for the original band and the choice in musician is…well…haha lets not go there. The biggest challenge has been finding the line up we’re at now. As we were once told, sometimes the brightest light come from a burning bridge!

Where would you like A’priori to be in 10 years time?

“The sky is the limit, Reach for the stars, If you fall short, there’s Jupiter and Mars” from Rise by A’priori.

How can fans gain access to your music, how do you promote the band?

We have a website where people can find interesting facts and pictures of us and also a link to our merchandise. They can come and say hi at gigs, where we have a personal dresser (Mouse) who will fit their t-shirts by hand..(wink wink).

Most of our promoting is online (The Facebook of course) and newspapers and we have been known to strip Shaggy and write on his bare buttocks, the time and direction to the venue and send him out on the street to tout for business.


Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Hi! Nice to see you again! Hows your mum…no need to answer, we already know!  Don’t be shy, drop us a message anytime…apart from dinner time, and when coronation street is on of course.  We have some big changes for you in 2017, exciting stuff as we know you’ll like it. But most of all, Thank you. 

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