Blackened – Underground Attack

Blackened – Underground Attack

4th April 2015 1 By Mark Booth

BLACKENED hail from Brazil are were formed in 2012, since then they have released 2 EP’s and a split EP. “Underground Attack” is the band’s latest offering and a “Mini CD” (to me an EP) of 6 songs and clocks in at 20 minutes. A quick look at the cover and you’ll be thinking of a band heavily influenced by 80’s thrash and probably crossover genre? You won’t be far wrong with that assumption as well, musically BLACKENED sound more like Bay Area Thrash than they do any other sounds, this is frenetic riffage with over the top solos and a pummelling rhythm section! However the vocals are more in the hardcore style and are more reminiscent of D.R.I. and et al than the typical 80’s thrash ball bursting vocals, also some songs lean more towards the crossover way with gang shouted vocals and the song “Psychopath” has a more punk/hardcore crossover sound than most and is more akin to Suicidal Tendencies.

If you’re a fan of 80’s American thrash and/or crossover then this album might be enjoyable for you, the only problem with the BLACKENED is that the songs aren’t that catchy! Yes they might be accomplished musicians and write some good riffs, however the songs aren’t very memorable, apart from the Mini CD closer “TxNxDx (Thrash Never Dies)” which is a superb song and they should head more in the vein of that song writing. This Mini CD shows promise and BLACKENED might be a band to look out for in the future…


Blackened - Underground AttackEP INFO

Track List:

1… I Starting The Chaos
2… Underground Attack
3… Extreme Violence
4… Psychopath
5… Third World
6… TxNxDx (Thrash Never Dies)

Witches Brew

28th February 2015

“Extreme Violence” & “TxNxDx (Thrash Never Dies)”

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