Dead Lakes – New Language

27th April 2020 0 By Aaron Emerson Heather McNeil

Formed at the beginning of 2017, Dead Lakes are the new kids on the block. In only 3 years, they have produced several singles and an EP Nothing Sacred in 2018; now the Seattle born quintet bring us their newest work in New Language after signing to new label Sharptone Records.

In this new venture Dead Lakes have been remarkably busy with interviews and creating new music videos as part of their promotion; C-19 has not stopped the promotion train it would appear, using technology to its finest capacity.

 The EP consists of 5 tracks, each holding their own and clearly bringing forth a signature sound that Dead Lakes has already appeared to perfect in their previous work; listening to ‘Close 2 Me’ feels like it belongs with the rest of their back catalogue and this is a sign of things to come.

The overall Alt. Rock meets Anthemic Pop Rock is well balanced, if not a little generic in its formula. This particular sound spreads across all 5 tracks, yet each seems to harness other aspects of genres including R&B and a slight taste of Post-Hardcore.

Dead Lakes are certainly not alone in their attempt to blend styles as this seems to be a recurring theme in recent years and this is a good thing; it shows that the age old prejudice that springs from music are beginning to melt away, albeit very slowly however bands like Dead Lakes are certainly bucking the trend to show that music is a celebration of sound and passion, and should be embraced by all.

Though songs such as ‘Close 2 Me’ are about getting back into the world from being hurt by someone you let in close, it can also represent a much more social dynamic.

Their latest single ‘Paradise’ again has the same signature sound as does ‘SMS Happiness’ and ‘New Language’; each has its own little twist of something sweet to keep you interested, whether it’s the samples or the harmonic vocals of Sunmer Peterson, something will always keep you listening. The track ‘NOGODSNOMASTERS’ is a slightly different breed, which gives a more ballad style that has more Anthemic Rock elements than the other tracks around it.

The overall style is eclectic but with a clear overarching Alternative Rock sound that reminds you of Breathe Atlantis or the more recent sound of Bring Me the Horizon. This is a promising start, and they are following the trend of sound that is current and popular and that will keep them going; however, much like other genres in the past, this could change easily, however, they are showing they are adaptable and willing to experiment which will help them going forward.

Score 7/10

Track Listing:
1. Close 2 Me
2. Paradise
3. SMS Happiness
5. New Language

Release Date:
1st May 2020
Record Label:
Sharptone Records

To purchase a copy of the E.P, click HERE



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