FALSE MEMORIES : ‘The Last Night Of Fall’ – new album by Italian goth/prog metallers signed via Frontiers A&R initiative / out 07.05.21

FALSE MEMORIES : ‘The Last Night Of Fall’ – new album by Italian goth/prog metallers signed via Frontiers A&R initiative / out 07.05.21

16th March 2021 0 By Jon Deaux

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of ‘The Last Night Of Fall’, the second album by Italian dark metal band False Memories. With elements of goth, doom and prog metal to be found in their music, it sees them join an ever expanding and diverse roster of rock talent.

False Memories were signed to Frontiers via the label’s new A&R initiative, Frontiers & Beyond, and are one of four acts signed thus far via this method. Further information can be found at frontiersandbeyond.com

“We like to insert prog elements into a ‘dark/goth’ context but keep the songwriting traditionally structured,” states False Memories frontwoman Rossella Moscatello. “This is the album we have always wanted to make, thanks to a line-up that has achieved a great balance. We are inspired by science and psychology, and wrote ‘The Last Night Of Fall’ as a way of translating the human soul into music in all its emotions, disturbances and sensations. We hope that listeners experience an intense journey full of strong and sometimes conflicting emotions, but which together coexist in the eleven songs.”

Of the album’s introductory first single, ‘Voices’, Moscatello explains that “it is a whirlwind of emotions contained in one song. It describes a soul in pain, constantly tormented by its insecurities, fears, anger and paranoia. It embodies what many have had to fight against in these hard times in order to move forward. ‘Voices’ was one of the first songs that Francesco [Savino, guitarist] and I wrote as it was necessary to ‘visualise’ the direction the whole album had to take. It is the song that best embodies everything we are in terms of musical research and ‘emotional capacity’, a not inconsiderable detail in a genre like ours.”

Concluding, she adds that “we worked hard on the production of this record and it has been exciting to get positive feedback from people who have heard it so far. Fate has decided that we had to work with an Italian record company in Frontiers and it is an immense honour for us to join the roster of a label of this prestige and a source of great pride to have been chosen. See you on the road….hopefully soon!”

False Memories was founded in 2015 by guitarist Francesco Savino, with a self-titled EP released the following year. The group then gravitated towards a goth metal sound and a debut album entitled ‘Chimerical’ was issued in early 2018, an updated version of which followed after Moscatello joined the band as its new singer later that year. The songs on ‘The Last Night Of Fall’ have been written by Savino and Moscatello.

1  Black Shades
2  Rain Of Souls
3  Voices
4  Hysteria
5  The Illusionist
6  Erased
7  White Crows
8  Unfaithful Dream
9  Sea Of Nothingness
10  Deep Breath
11  Don’t Forget


Rossella Moscatello – vocals
Francesco Savino – guitars
Moreno Palmisano – guitars
Gianluca Zaffino – bass
Emanuele Cossu – drums


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