GOLDEN ROBOT RECORDS releases digital charity album ROCK FOR MYANMAR.

GOLDEN ROBOT RECORDS releases digital charity album ROCK FOR MYANMAR.

6th December 2021 0 By John Deaux

Off the back of their highly successful #ROCKTHEVAX campaign that saw physical album stock sent out to Aussies who could prove they had the COVID-19 vaccination from the month of July, Golden Robot Records has today released ROCK FOR MYANMAR, a philanthropic album to raise awareness about the plight of the people of Myanmar – the largest country in Southeast Asia – who have been under a military coup since February this year.

ROCK FOR MYANMAR boasts a bulging track-list of 23 songs, and features tracks from Riley’s L.A. Guns, Hot Chelle Rae, Filter, Ella Fence, AshenMoon, Vanilla Fudge, Hookers & Blow, Phil X & The Drills, The Chase, Cormac Neeson, The Crooks, Stonetrip and a lot more.
Listen/Buy Rock for Myanmar HERE
A portion of all proceeds will go to and their long term projects helping woman and girls directly in Myanmar and to the future planning of joined collaborations with Aung La Nsang to support the people of Myanmar, in partnership with Golden Robot Global Entertainment.
Aung La Nsang is the first ever Burmese world champion mixed martial artist who found fame in the West – Myanmar sporting champion, his organisation sponsors young up and coming athletes. Thrilled this initiative seeks to shine a light on his country in turmoil, La Nsang explains, “It’s very humbling when an international record company like Golden Robot Records reaches out and wants to collaborate on such a meaningful cause like ‘Rock for Myanmar.’
With the removal and imprisonment of elected Government officials earlier this year, the nation of Myanmar has been in turmoil. The military has stripped the country of democracy and basic human rights such as access to the internet (and hence the ability to communicate globally) along with expressions of art, so after #ROCKTHEVAX spearheaded the label into the public social sector, Golden Robot Records (GRR) is now offering a voice to the 60 million people who have had theirs silenced.
Drawing on the influence of GRR as a global record label with an impressive catalogue of artists, GRR are proactively seeking societal initiatives to engage their platform and artist-base to empower humanitarian causes that are meaningful to the team, and Myanmar became of particular interest, as the international company has staff members with deep-rooted family connections to Southeast Asia.
Our goal with this initiative is to simply raise more public awareness in the west (US/UK/AU) starting here at home in Australia to help highlight the atrocities that are taking place on a daily basis,” explains GRR CEO, Mark Alexander-Erber. “Many innocent men, women and children have been displaced, orphaned, imprisoned and countless lives have been lost. With current Golden Robot employees having parents and relatives from Myanmar and our head of production currently working with multiple high profile Burmese professional athletes on various media projects, we personally feel that it’s a cause that needs more reporting and quite honestly has been under-reported by major media outlets around the world, but particularly in Australia. Our intentions are clear, we will be raising awareness not from a political stance but from a human stance. Company-wide, from our offices to our artists, we all #RockForMyanmar”
 ROCK FOR MYANMAR is available now via Golden Robot Records and is available to listen/buy HERE

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