4th April 2019 0 By Jon Deaux
Parisian meta-post-rock outfit LOST IN KIEV who return with their long-awaited 3rd album and most astounding work to date, ‘Persona’, have shared a new video for ‘Lifelooper’. The track sees them incorporate punchy electronic elements into their sound. The band comment,
‘Lifelooper evokes a future where we can create avatars of ourselves. A future that somehow proposes to transform our lives into an infinite loop or a perfect circle.
The music video shows this concept by using the prism of the mirror on the main shot and also by the circular shot which in the end is intensely used.
This track was one of the first composed and also one of the most difficult to finish. We did a couple of versions of this one, to and the end totally change the second part of the track. That leads us to create an almost full electronic and punchy part ; something really new for us. We found that this contrast with the heavy post metal beginning sounds really interesting for the concept of the track. All the track is a kind of sequencing of different loops.’
Raw and driven, yet oozing with thick synth textures and a great sense of melancholy and drama, ‘Persona’ sees LOST IN KIEV further expand their own idiosyncratic take on cinematic, contemporary post rock. 
LOST IN KIEV have always been one of the few truly suggestive post rock bands: they do lack a vocalist, and yet their music is prosaic, cinematic reflections and stories.
Written and conceptualized to be reflections on humanity in a fictional futuristic context where artificial intelligence is fully implemented into everyday life, Persona does not impose any sort of political or moral position on the topic: LOST IN KIEV create fictional characters and let them talk, breathe, cry and live through intimate stories and cathartic experiences on a screen behind the band, while they perform live…
Post rock has ever since its beginnings shown an affinity to the use of speech samples, and has borrowed voices from movies or speeches by celebrities like Iggy Pop as in Mogwai’s “Punk Rock“ or random lost souls as in GY!BE’s Blaise Bailey Finnegan III“. 
LOST IN KIEV take this tradition to the next level, by writing their own genuine storyline, and making their own movie to their album. Ever since 2016’s Nuit noir, the band has recorded their own spoken words, as opposed to plagiarizing from movies. During their live performances, these voiceovers are synchronized with video projections showing actors who interprete the different voices on screen. An inverted soundtrack of sorts, or musical fiction, always tinged with realism in a striking and emotionally intense way.
Pre-order now – http://bit.ly/lostinkievEU
LOST IN KIEV will also play Portals Festival in London on 9th June alongside Three Trapped Tigers, Vodun and Palm Reader.


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