Lost Society – Terror Hungry

Lost Society – Terror Hungry

15th March 2014 0 By Mark Booth
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LOST SOCIETY who were only formed in 2010 are releasing their 2nd album a year after their debut release. A lot of buzz was surrounding these Finnish speed thrashers last year and their debut album (check out my review of that album). So have LOST SOCIETY progressed, carried on as they were or have they somehow digressed into something terrible? Well the first thing you will notice is that this album “Terror Hungry” has 13 tracks just like “Fast Loud Death“. However this album isn’t a 35 minute sonic assault on the senses, it’s a 49 minute assault. Maybe LOST SOCIETY saw my review of “Fast Loud Death” and decided to write the longer songs as suggested.

LOST SOCIETY seem to have matured from the last release and their isn’t that cocky swagger that was a little evident on the debut release and they have done away with some of the juvenile lyrics. The music has probably matured the most, however they still have all the thrash hooks, vicious solos, shouty vocals, pounding drums and of course the speed. If you don’t like thrash metal then you aren’t going to like this release it’s as simple as that, however if your after flesh shredding riffs and solos, heavy artillery machine gun firing drum pounding, gut rumbling and bludgeoning bass riffs and throaty shouted abuse then you are going to love LOST SOCIETY…!!!

A slight criticism is that they seem to have gone too far with some of the song lengths as they could have finished the song a bit earlier than they do, but they play the riff out that little bit longer. So this can make it a sonic vortex that to listen to in one sitting can get a bit repetitive and make some songs bleed into each other. They might not have got the mix right on their first two releases, however they are still two great albums that a lot of thrash/speed bands would love to have in their back catalogue. Third time lucky and time is on their side as they are still young! So I look forward to reviewing the 3rd album next year (probably)…

AATR Approved

Lost Society - Terror HungryALBUM INFO

Track List

1… Spurgatory
2… Game Over
3… Attaxic
4… Leathel Pleasure
5… Terror Hungry
6… Snowroad Blowout
7… Tyrant Takeover
8… Overdosed Brain
9… Thrashed Reality
10… F.F.E.
11… Brewtal Awakening
12… Mosh It Up
13… Wasted After Midnight

Nuclear Blast

1st April 2014 (USA), 4th April 2014 (EU) & 7th April 2014 (UK)

“Attaxic”, “Tyrant Takeover”, “Overdosed Brain” & “F.F.E.”

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