Love Cream – First Taste

Love Cream – First Taste

5th March 2014 0 By Craig
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Love Cream are a straight up hard rock band from Adelaide, their debut album entitled ‘First Taste‘ was released in December 2013 and although the band did email me their album on 24th December for reviewing, I stupidly forgot about the email and for that I am literally kicking myself because I have missed out on 2 months of this music!

Every song on the album is catchy and the melodies will have you tapping along to them each time you hear them. The song topics are all based around women and sex (with a band name like Love Cream what did you expect?) – nothing wrong with that, Steel Panther do alright with it don’t they? In fact, the first time I heard the album I thought that these are literally an Australian of Steel Panther in terms of lyrics and catchy tracks. As to whether Love Cream have a stage persona like each member of SP do or not, I don’t know but if they ever play in Manchester UK I will let you know.

LC‘s Facebook page claims “Having minimal musical ability behind them- aside from Nick Robinson (Lead guitarist), they took to the shed what would either be the beginning of something terribly wrong, or profusely great.” I have to admit I was surprised to read that because in such a short amount of time (the band formed in winter 2011 – just like AATR did 😉 ) they have managed to put this album together which clearly has influences from bands like Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones and even Van Halen in parts – the verdict between being either “something terribly wrong or profusely great” is definitely the latter.

If you are a fan of hard rock then you go far wrong checking these guys out – at the moment they are unsigned, however, I can’t see that lasting too much longer. The recording quality is just right, the song lengths are about right, however, if you have young teenage children you might not want to play this in front of them – I currently have my earphones in for that reason 🙂

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

Love Cream - First TasteALBUM INFO

Track List:

01. Open For Business
02. B.D.L.
03. Spend The Night Together
04. Hot In The Dark
05. Love Train
06. Sweet May
07. Woman (I’m Gay For Your Lovin’)
08. Why Not Me?
09. Smokin’ Bitch
10. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Release Date:
December 2013

Record Label:

Stand Out Tracks:
Open for Business, Love Train, Woman (I’m Gay For Your Lovin’)

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