Merciless Terror – Vile Extinction

30th September 2013 0 By Mark Booth

Just got back from an amazing weekend away in Budapest and straight back onto the  reviewing…that’s because am dedicated to my minions! Anyway up next is UK band  MERCILESS TERROR, who hail from Nottingham! (Yep I was surprised something this good  could come from there as well). Anyway onto the history of MERCILESS TERROR, this is  their latest release after 2 EP’s and only being together for 4 years and what a  little treat it is for your metal hungry ears!


After the intro track “Omicide” fades out the listener is then brutally attacked by  a caustic guitar riff that shred the skin and drums that feel like they are  repeatedly kicking you in the face! Then to add insult the vocals are spitting bile  into you bloody exposed skin. This brutal thrash and death tinged metal and the album doesn’t let up the assault until the guitar driven instrumental “Dystopic  Visions” which is like the calm before the storm and it intensifies the anticipation  of the final track “Existence Denied”. They then make sure you don’t forgot about  them to easily as “Existence Denied” gives you one final pummelling before the album finishes and lets you recover from the aural attack you have just been subjected to.

MERCILESS TERROR are influenced by Slayer, Malevolent Creation, early Sepultura and Bolt Thrower and I could argue that they actually don’t do anything new on this release, but they do it a lot better than most bands around at the moment. However if you want 35 minutes of guitar solos that warp and twist your mind, blast beats and drumming that relentlessly pound your senses, bass lines that hook you and start to slowly pull you apart while the vocals pummel your face then get this release.

This is high adrenaline thrash/death metal that never relents up the energy and when they do slow it down you can feel the tension in the air and the sinister feeling lurking not that far behind. I can’t wait for future releases from these guys and I hope they keep this up and don’t sell out…

SCORE: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved


BAND: Merciless Terror MT

ALBUM: Vile Extinction

RECORD LABEL: Devils Clause Records

RELEASE DATE: October 7th, 2013



01. Omicide 00.00

02. Doctrine of Malevolence

03. Circle of Contempt

04. Enraptured

05. Baptized in Blood

06. Hateful Abomination

07. Process of Eradication

08. World Desolation

09. Imminent Death

10. Dystopic Visions

11. Existence Denied


STANDOUT TRACKS: – “Circle of Contempt”, “Baptized in Blood”, “Hateful Abomination” & “Imminent Death”



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