MR. BIG – Defying Gravity

MR. BIG – Defying Gravity

25th July 2017 0 By Mark Booth

MR. BIG the USA rocking supergroup (featuring Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey) return with their 9th album ‘Defying Gravity’ in July. Although due to drummer Pat Torpey being diagnosed with Parkinson Disease, they have added Matt Starr for the live shows and Pat comes out to play a few songs at each show. Some older members of the rock/metal community might remember MR. BIG big hit ‘To Be With You’ from way back in 1992? If not then don’t worry…’Defying Gravity’ will be a nice introduction to the band and their sound.

‘Defying Gravity’ starts as it means to go along…the bass and guitar duelling riffs fighting for dominance and then the opening vocals are ‘Alright, we’re rolling…’ that indeed we are! The album is full of uplifting, fun and positive vibe songs and they seem to vary between hard rock (‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘Everybody Needs A Little Trouble’, Mean To Me’, ‘She’s All Coming Back to Me’). When MR. BIG rock they do it with a swagger, infectious groove and cocky/confident strut and the bluesy rock riffs are all well crafted and executed, as is all the music. Then the other side of MR. BIG is the soft rock songs which they showcase on ‘Damn I’m In Love Again’, ‘Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)’, ‘Forever and Back’ and ‘Be Kind’ and these are happy feel good songs that will put a smile on your face. The album closer ‘Be Kind’ has a 50’s style rock vibe which makes it stand out as one of the better soft rock songs and then finishes in a flurry of heavy hitting rock riffs, rumbling bass and pounding drums to round the album off. As with previous releases, a nod has to go to vocalist Eric Martin who’s harmonies and range are the topping to the excellent musicianship of the band and pulls everything together.

‘Defying Gravity’ is a very easy album to listen to and MR. BIG deliver a rock album that will appeal to all fans of the genre. With its catchy sing-a-long songs, strong melodies and rocking riffs you are sure to find something you love on this release.

SCORE – 7/10

Track List

01- Open Your Eyes
02- Defying Gravity
03- Everybody Needs A Little Trouble
04- Damn I’m In Love Again
05- Mean To Me
06- Nothinhg Bad (Bout Feeling Good)
07- Forever and Back7
08- She’s All Coming Back To Me Now
09- 1992
10- Nothing At All
11- Be Kind

Release Date
21st July 2017

Checkout Mr. Big HERE & purchase the album HERE

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