Podcast Episode 58: Andy Pilkington And Tim Cundle Of Mass Movement

Podcast Episode 58: Andy Pilkington And Tim Cundle Of Mass Movement

31st October 2018 0 By Howard 'H' Smith

In this month’s Bollocast H sits down in the sun for a few beers and a chat with old friend and returning guest head honcho of Very Metal Art Andy Pilkington. They touch on a multitude of subjects from the price of Metallica tickets to promoters arguing and just about everything else happening in the world of metal, there is nothing these two can’t yap about.

Next up is the man behind on line thrash, hardcore, punk magazine Mass Movement since 1998 Tim Cundle. In a far reaching conversation they discuss moving the magazine from printed to on line, how running the mag has changed over the years and why going into the pit is a bad idea.

Added to that are the usual ramblings with an added unhinged quality to them as H recovers from a head injury. It doesn’t make much difference as the usual bollocks is talked about the usual favourite subjects including Kiss and KK Downing.

Finally rounding things off is a track from remastered, reissued Deathrow album Deception Ignored.

This is Pigs Bollocks.


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