Septekh – Plan For World Domination

Septekh – Plan For World Domination

10th May 2014 0 By Mark Booth

Second review is the debut album from SEPTEKH who hail from Sweden and have released two EPs prior to this release. I haven’t heard of SEPTEKH or any of their previous material so I went into this release with no expectations. So am sat on the tram with a tinge of a hangover and smell like a brewery as the smell of alcohol is clinging to me like a tramp to a can of Special Brew and no matter how much I bathe myself in aftershave it won’t go. So I press play and I get a wakeup call as the guitar feedback and drum intro of ‘Into The Void Of My Mind‘ crash against my ear drums and obliterate them.

After listening to the album ‘Plan For World Domination‘ I can confirm one thing…SEPTEKH play some fucking awesome “dirty” blackened thrashy death metal. One of the best things about ‘Plan For World Domination‘ is the way it effortlessly merges genres and pull it off. Some tracks are similar to BEWITCHED, DEMONIC, INFERNO. Then SEPTEKH switch it up and add a more death n’roll sound to a song (‘Going Down In Style’) and then some songs have a doom feel to them and early black metal sound (‘Black Shore‘ where the bass solo intro rumbles and crushes everything before it). Some songs are also held together by some guitar riffs stoner/doom bands would kill for. The vocals also compliment the sound as they are throat shredding, however you can still understand and hear all the hate and bile SEPTEKH are spewing forth (the sign of a good extreme music vocalist). The album closes with the title track ‘Plan For World Domination‘ which is a 11 minute epic masterpiece that has a DARKTHRONE feel all over it and closes the album superbly. This album is definitely a grower, each listen will strengthen your fondness for SEPTEKH as after the first listen its claws and spikes will have hooked under your skin.

The downsides to this album is that at 60 minutes it’s a lot to digest in one go. Some of the songs are also quite similar, however when they are great then it doesn’t overly matter. Maybe SEPTEKH have got plans for world domination and if this release is anything to go off then it will happen soon. Hopefully the next release will be an instant classic, as for a debut album though this is a pretty satisfying slab of brutal metal.

SCORE: 8.5 out of 10
AATR Approved

SEPTEKH-Plan-for-World-Domination-cover-artALBUM INFO

Track List:

1… Into The Void Of My Mind
2… Going Down In Style
3… Saving Graces
4… Neanderthal
5… Don Asshole
6… Left Handed Man
7… Black Shores
8… The Man Who Died a Million Times
9… Superheated Liquid Iron Core
10… Eyes Of The Grave
11… Fuck Dollar
12… Desdaemonia
13… Plan For World Domination

Abyss Records

2nd May 2014

“Going Down In Style”, “Neanderthal”, “Black Shores”, “Superheated Liquid Iron Core” & “Plan For World Domination”

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