Skyclad – Forward Into The Past

Skyclad – Forward Into The Past

18th March 2017 0 By Rich Dodgin

Skyclad‘s previous album, 2009’s In The… All Together, was one of the band’s finest releases, but after a few years with nothing new I started¬†to worry that it would their last. ¬†Then I saw the band playing a blinding live set in Edinburgh in 2015 and followed that up with an¬†interview with Steve Ramsey¬†in which I was assured the band were working on a new album. ¬†And from what¬†Steve¬†told me, I came away with¬†high hopes that the new album would be more than worth the wait and one of their strongest releases¬†yet…

And I’m delighted to say that with Forward Into The Past the band have more than met my expectations – because this is an impressive album of folk metal that shows that Skyclad have plenty of years left in them yet!

If you’re a fan of Skyclad’s¬†previous albums¬†you’ll know what to expect – beautifully crafted songs that perfectly combine elements of rock, metal and folk music to create something rather special. ¬†In terms of heaviness, Forward Into The Past continues where In The… All Together left off, and is more rocky, less¬†thrashy in nature than some of the band’s earlier albums – though that’s no bad thing, resulting¬†songs that are less extreme and more catchy. ¬†The variety of styles and influences are subtly varied, meaning that the album has a cohesive sound to it, while providing a varied listening experience.

Subject wise, the album deals with the usual Skyclad themes concerning¬†politics, the environment, and the music business and so on, as well the¬†traditional bawdy / drinking type of songs –¬†meaning that Skyclad still sound¬†as relevant as ever. ¬†Check out the official video to ‘Change Is Coming‘ and see what I mean –¬†

This is a fantastic album, and if you’re a fan of Skyclad, folk metal, or bands that aren’t afraid to experiment, then you have to buy yourself a copy of this album – awesome stuff !!

Score: 9 out of 10






Album Information


Track List:
01.  A Storytellers Moon (Intro)
02.  State of the Union Now
03.  Change Is Coming
04.  Starstruck?
05.  A Heavy Price to Pay
06.  Words Fail Me
07.  Forward into the Past
08.  Unresolved (Instrumental)
09.  The Queen of the Moors
10. ¬†Let summer’s Rain
11.  The Measure
12.  Borderline
13.  A Storytellers Moon (Outro)

Record Label:
Listenable Records

Release Date:
28th of April 2017

Official Band Website
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Band Info
Kevin Ridley (vocals, keyboard, guitar)
Georgina Biddle (violin)
Steve Ramsey (guitar)
Dave Pugh (guitar)
Graeme ‚ÄėBean‚Äô English (bass, acoustic guitar)
Arron Walton (drums)


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