The Sword – Conquest Of Kingdoms (Album Review)

The Sword – Conquest Of Kingdoms (Album Review)

7th July 2020 2 By Rory Glashan

Heavy metal/stoner rockers The Sword have ended their two year hiatus to return to the spotlight with the release of a chronology of tracks alongside a vinyl set named Conquest Of Kingdoms. The triple vinyl package carries a series of older classics in the form of many unreleased live tracks from 2005 – 2011 and also, as a bonus, an assortment of various rock and metal anthems covered in the studio with the bands style.

John D. Cronise leads The Sword with his gloomy, yet potent vocals which are fully on-point within the live recordings as his studio crafts are. Additionally, he also takes the role as a guitarist and has been a dedicated Gibson wielder throughout his career in the band. Together with his quartet, who are well renowned for their tight performances produce a bellowing, deafening, gnarly wall of distorted riffs via their Orange speakers and HUSH pedals.

Admittedly, I had never appreciated The Sword as much as I do after getting the chance to try them out in Conquest Of Kingdoms. I have certainly grown more fond of their themes, ambiance and their groovy elements.

My take on the work

I found tracks such as “Iron Swan” with it’s thrashy style that stood out. Then there was “The Chronomancer II: Nemesis” with an awesome solo throughout. As for the covers, “Forever My Queen”  is a brilliant one, with a much thicker craft of guitar tone. Furthermore I thought “Cold Sweat” was another great adaption. Personally however, I can’t say the same about Led ZeppelinsImmigrant Song” but I’ve always believed that’s a tune where no cover could stand up to the original. But it’s only fair that John gets to play an anthem from the band who were his main influence in pursuing music as a career. 

The Sword give an admirable album of live tracks from over the years and iconic covers in the classic Heavy-Doom/Stoner Rock fashion, worth a listen if you dig the genre, furthermore a great plate of live recordings that dignify their work over the years. Overall, a great release for the fans and worth the shot for an unfamiliar listener. 

Score: 7/10

The Sword - Conquest Of Kingdoms


1. “The Horned Goddess” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 5:02

2. “Barael’s Blade” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 2:49

3. “Lament For The Aurochs” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 7:40

4. “Iron Swan” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 5:32

5. “The Saundering” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 2:00

6. “Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 3:29

7. “The Black River” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 5:54

8. “The White Sea” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 6:29

9. “Sea Of Spears” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 4:51

10. “Freya” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 5:07

11. “Night City” (Live) [Previously Unreleased] – 4:10

12. “The Chronomancer II: Nemesis” (Live) – 6:12

13. “He’s Waiting” (C Average Version) – 1:56

14. “Sea Of Spears” – 4:51

15. “Immigrant Song” – 2:09

16. “Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings” – 2:26

17. “Codex Corvidae” – 2:14

18. “Freya ’08” [Previously Unreleased] – 4:45

19. “Forever My Queen” [Previously Unreleased] – 2:00

20. “She” [Previously Unreleased] – 4:26

21. “Daughter Of Dawn” – 5:07

22. “Farstar” – 2:37

23. “Cold Sweat” – 3:00

24. “Cheap Sunglasses” – 4:16

25. “Hammer Of Haven” – 5:48

26. “Hexenringe” – 3:10

27. “Seriously Mysterious” (Level One Remix) [Previously Unreleased] – 2:55

28. “John The Revelator” – 3:15

29. “Turnt To Dust” [Previously Unreleased] – 2:00

30. “Serpent Weather” – 3:45

Craft Recordings

Release Date:
June 19th 

The Sword can be found at:

Official Website:





For Fans Of: Acid King, Pentagram, Black Sabbath (early)

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