WRETCHED SOUL – new UK tour dates

WRETCHED SOUL – new UK tour dates

6th August 2014 0 By Craig

wretched soul - veronicaWretched Soul is a modern sounding Death/Thrash Metal outfit formed in late 2008 in the historic city of Canterbury, Kent. Following periods of relentless gigging around the UK, the band has honed an exciting and unique sound all its own, with their potent melding of Death, Thrash and Traditional Heavy Metal offering brutality and melody in equal measure.

Their incendiary debut album, Veronica, was released by Dark Lord Records in September 2013. Produced by the legendary Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Exodus, King Diamond), it has received numerous accolades:

“These guys have taken elements of death metal, some thrash metal and mixed it all up on here. The production is punchy and gives everything plenty of room to breathe and nothing is overpowering. A killer release. 9 out of 10”

“A blend of thrash, death and trad metal that’s difficult to categorise but easy to bang your head to. Both brutal and melodic, this is a promising debut effort”

“’Veronica’ arrives brimming with confidence and sounding almost perfectly executed, the band bashing out a tuneful hybrid of thrash and death metal, with a distinctly British twist to proceedings. A rock-solid debut that promises great things to come”

“Wretched Soul are taking the best of 80’s classic thrash and giving it a kick up the arse, sending it to the future in a blaze of fury. Part death metal, part black metal, part classic metal, it works incredibly well. 9 out of 10”

“Masterfully created thrash infused punishing death metal grabbing you by the jugular as its mix of vicious guitar riffs are augmented by Chris Simmons’ ever changing vocal mix. 4 out of 5”

“The modern Death Thrashers krank up the gears to release an album that speaks speed and delivers a brutally powerful tone. If you’re not a fan of either A. Death Metal, B. Thrash Metal or C. Metal, then you are missing out On what could be regarded as debutant album of the year. 10 out of 10”

“This is a great debut album – definitely a band worth listening to”

“This is a powerful statement from a young band to watch out for. The balance of the album is perfect and there is a freshness and originality that is sure keep listeners coming back for more. It has ‘classic’ written all over it”

“Top quality music that switches styles in the blink of an eye yet always in a fluid movement that transcends their debut status. It’s an impressive statement”

“Wretched Soul have managed to capture all I love about ‘old school’ thrash metal while updating it to the NWOBHM sound and incorporating the modern trend of mixing screamo vocals with melodic singing. A very refreshing slice of metal that gives me hope that the British scene is well and truly making a comeback”

Wretched Soul will play the following dates before going into the studio in the first week of December to record their second album :

24.08.14 CANTERBURY Luckfest @ The Lady Luck
27.08.14 LONDON Upstairs At The Garage
24.10.14 IPSWICH Manor Ballroom (w/Anihilated)
01.11.14 LONDON The Unicorn (w/Bloodshot Dawn)
02.11.14 CARDIFF The Baa Bar (w/Bloodshot Dawn)
06.11.14 NORWICH The Brickmakers (w/Savage Messiah)
09.11.14 BRIGHTON The Lectern
15.11.14 SHEERNESS The Ivy (w/Savage Messiah)
22.11.14 BRIDLINGTON Valkyrian Festival & The Londesborough

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