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20th September 2016 0 By DJ Pixie

You have just released your debut album ‘Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music’, how do you feel this is being received by your fans?

So far so good, we have been getting good responses and our crowd seem to be enjoying it as well as some new people, we are really stoked right now,hell! we are already working on the 2nd one, for the moment I’m still not sure if it’s going to be an ep or a full album…..If it’s a full album it will be titled Vodka Shots and Anarchy and if it’s an EP I’m not sure at this time what we will call it……

How long did it take to produce the album?

Production took approximately 3/4 months being that we were going back and forth on song sounds,tones and lead tones. It was hella fun, our producers Adam Bove,AJ Cottrell and Keith Milutinovic made it a killer experience, they are super-duper easy to work with which is very important when you are working on music being that a lot of how stuff comes out in the studio is the vibe you feel that exact moment…..

I wrote all the lyrics and music on Sex,Alcohol Rebel Music except B.A.F., my guitarist Tony and I wrote the music together and the outro which was a feature by a really good friend, Melissa Watson Recania. Musically the next cd will be more of a combined effort,we have written more songs together and my other guitarist Markus has been giving me completed songs to write too which we have been playing live, for sure these songs will be on the next album or ep.

Did you enjoy being in the studio?

Hell yeah dude!!!!!¬† I love it!!! I feel at home there, there are not enough hours in a day/night for me when I’m working in the studio, I love creating music, that’s when I feel the most alive, I think I might drive the boys nuts at times because when someone wants to take a break I normally don’t,not to say i don’t take them,lets just say I can go for hours without wanting too….

Any funny stories you can tell us from being in the studio?

Well to be honest I don’t know if these would be funny to the public because they were not there but it’s hilarious to us, when we were recording Southern Comfort we were all doing shots of Southern Comfort to really catch the party vibe of the song, our guitarist was doing a few takes of the solo and it was not coming out the way I heard it in my head, so I told him to do a few shots more and then do the solo which he did, and booom!!! there is was the (I”m kinda buzzed solo) I was looking for……it was exactly how I imagined it for that song….. And for Silver On My Back which is about Coors Light, I wanted to have the real sound of a beer opening before the guitars started, so I cracked open a cold one and chugged it before the vocals started…….We tell a lot of jokes back and forth to each other and clown around imitating scenes from our favorite movies as well, especially Scarface and Goodfellas, but for the most part we are recording and listening to the work over and over and over and over again,so there is way more working going on than clowning around……lol ¬†😁


You are getting a lot of exposure from radio and other musical outlets, you guys must be on a high.

We are beyond stoked!!! this has been a killer journey, we can’t wait to play for and meet the people who have been supporting us, our label Pavement Entertainment has been killing it on the promo, and the killer part of the whole thing is they have been pushing us in areas where we have fans as well as areas where they don’t know us……It’s so cool to get an email or message from someone in South America or Europe that’s already a fan saying,” hey! I just saw an article/write-up about you guys” especially when it’s in their own language…..Major thanks to all of you that rock with us,we really appreciate it!! ¬†\m/

How do you guys prepare for live shows?

Lots of Southern Comfort and Coors Light………..(just kidding)…….. seriously, we practice on a regular basis and double time when we have shows, I have this weird thing I do before the night of the show,I personally like to watch live concert videos/dvds of a few of my metal Gods like Iron Maiden and Kreator for example,it inspires me, but I only do that if I’m alone the night before the show and can actually focus on it,like 0 phone calls and 0 company at my home, I don’t get much alone time now so ¬†when I do I take advantage of it……

What drives you to push yourself while out touring or at a gig?

That’s an easy one😀¬† ¬†My love for music, I have no plan B, music has been my love and passion since I was 5 and didn’t know what those words truly meant….. I love living out of suitcases, meeting different people,going from hotel to hotel,playing live to the ones that dig our stuff and trying to win over the ones that don’t know us, especially when we play out of country or state to people we don’t know, do I get nervous? hell yeah I do,and I’ve been playing in bands since I was a kid playing in school bands, I still get the butterflies to this very day…

What else has the band got lined up?

Right now we are working on the new material for the next cd being that the music industry does not sleep,we are also working on a possible tour in Japan 2017, if all goes well that will happen in March 2017, and if it happens that will be another childhood dream completed,we are finishing edits on some new music videos and for sure South America again next year being that is our 2nd home and if all goes well a tour of The States……we are staying super busy, just the way I like it….

What has been the worst experience for you at a gig or event?

Playing places without ramps,playing places on the 2nd floor that the only access is 2 flights of damn stairs and playing places where the sound sucks and our drummer can’t hear us in his monitor……we try to avoid those types of places for the most part, other than those minor things, its been killer….we don’t have much to complain about,it’s the rock n roll life so we roll with the punches….

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever given you?

She gave me a menage a trois…and I apologize for not giving you the full details but I plan on going back there to see her again,putting the details in an article might cause me some grief…… lol😁

What’s been your most extravagant purchase since releasing the album?

To be honest, I am kind of tight when it comes to money,my last big purchase was a brand new black on black Chevy Camaro and that was last year,other than that I have not really bought anything extravagant,and besides that I was out of the country for the last 3 months and when I am home I’m normally working on music,in the studio,band practice and other things music related so I don’t get a lot of free to time to splurge..but If I were to splurge it would be on hot rods, a 69 Camaro, a Mach 1, an old school Roadrunner,Charger and Barracuda… Ask me again when we make our 1st million¬†😀

What new music have you discovered lately?

Mainly underground bands, I really enjoy Ruin and Vulture from Peru, Sanity’s Rage from Belgium, Kraptor from Venezuela, Thought Vomit,Blessed Curse and Trecelence from The States… I really enjoy metal from Europe and South America…

If you could pick a band to tour with, who would it be & why?

Kreator,Destruction,Slayer,Soulfly or Iron Maiden because I have listened to them and been a fan since i was a kid,those are my idols when it comes to metal, in regards to up and coming bands it would be the ones I mentioned in question 13, why? because I know majority of them personally and they are all really cool people,plus I know we would kill it together on the road and have a kick ass time doing it… \m/

What advice would you give a band just starting out

I would tell them to stay true musically to who they are and not let anyone tell them how to write,when it comes to band members never settle, wait for the member that fits your style and believes in your¬†vision,practice,practice, practice,have fun,if your bandmates have wives or ole ladies make sure to invite them to gigs,bbq’s,etc because if they are miserable, trust me your bandmate will be miserable as well so include them and if you record a cd keep it simple on the thanks list i.e. (special thanks to all our friends and family you know who you are) ¬†because if you drop the ball and forget a name,or it’s not on there due to human error etc,etc,etc, you will be crucified for it because people get really butt-hurt over stuff like that and this is from true life experience.. lol

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, subscribe to the Method Militia at¬†www.xmethod1.com¬†¬† buy our cds, go to the shows,mosh and stagedive at shows,tell your friends……repeat! \m/ http://www.pavementmusic.com/¬†

Many thanks Abby

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