AT THE SUN – Leave Before The Light

AT THE SUN – Leave Before The Light

8th March 2019 1 By Donk

Hard rock is absolutely booming at the moment and there are loads of bands trying to break through in this particular genre. AT THE SUN have been crushing the genre for the past few years and now they are releasing their debut album Leave Before The Light so how will this fare in the big world that’s dominated by the likes of Blackstone Cherry, Slash and many others? Let’s find out.

Of the bat I really like the vocal Harry puts across. Clarity and range that “fits” the style, there are some vocalists out there who are trying to be hard rock, clean vocalists but are really barking down the wrong tree. Second thing I’m really digging about this are the guitar solos, smooth yet punchy, technical but not over the top and not so long it’s giving Zakk Wylde a run for his money!

There are some extremely catchy tracks on this album. Walk On Over is a stand out track for me. Damn, it’s verging more on blues rock, which is fine by me, and the suggestive vocals certainly add to it’s sex appeal. I feel the production on some of the tracks could have been a bit more full. Some places it feels like the bass could have been cranked just a little more to high a weightier feel. Lay It On Me is a prime example, it just feels it could have been a lot heavier. The following track, Lifetime, has a more fuller sound to it which some of the others could have had.

Aside from the slight ache my ear was craving on some tracks the album is certainly worth a listen. Get it cranked either on decent headphones or monitors and you’ll be banging your head and tapping your foot from start to finish. Speaking of foot tapping, Devil In Your Eyes is a cracking track!

Score 8/10

Track List
1.Only A Fool
2. Preacher
3. Breathe
4. Walk On Over
5. Lay It On Me
6. Lifetime
7. Devil In Your Eyes
8. Bite Your Tongue
9. Indestructible
10. Renegade
11. Soak It Up
12. Raise Your Glass
Release Date
8th March 2019
Self Release

For all things AT THE SUN, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

April 5: Wolverhampton, Giffard Arms
April 6: Bridgwater, Cobblestones
April 9: Manchester, Gullivers
April 10: Nottingham, Maze
April 11: Sheffield, Mulberry Bar
April 12: London, Black Heart
April 13: Hatfield, The Rock Den
April 14: Brighton, Hope & Ruin

May 3-5: Newport, The Patriots 22nd Anniversary Weekender

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