Kreator – Dying Alive

Kreator – Dying Alive

30th August 2013 2 By Craig

The reigning kings of the Teutonic Thrash scene Kreator are back with a live recording of their sold out homecoming gig from December 22nd 2012 in Oberhausen, Germany. This concert was filmed by 24 cameras, guitar-cams and even moshpit-cams were used to record this concert that is available in the following formats:

* Blu Ray + 2CD
* DVD +2CD
* Earbook (DVD, Blu-ray, 2CD + Bonus CD)
* Earbook (DVD, Blu-ray, 2CD + Bonus CD) + 7″ Vinyl (Nuclear Blast mailorder only)
* Limited 2CD incl. live bonus tracks
* 2LP (black, 180g, gatefold + poster)
* 2LP (red, 180g, gatefold + poster) (Nuclear Blast mailorder only)
* 2LP (orange, 180g, gatefold + poster) (Nuclear Blast mailorder only)

From the moment ‘Mars Mantra‘ has ended (which to me is a perfect intro to a concert) you are then subjected to a 90 minute full on thrash assault starting with ‘Phantom Antichrist‘.

Expect the usual Kreator-no holds barred concert – fast as fuck, heavy as fuck and playing pretty much all their entire classic kick arse songs as well as from their last few albums also. I say almost because ‘Coma of Souls‘ is only a 40 second introduction that flowed seamlessly from the end of ‘Death to the World‘ and would have been brutal if they had continued it. To me, ‘Coma of Souls‘ is a fantastic song from a fantastic album, it’s a shame the song wasn’t played in full! Having said that though, the rest of the concert makes up for this. Kreator have the fans eating out of the palms of their hands, the fans want more, more, more – Kreator seem to be willing to give them more, a total of 23 tracks!

Every bit where the songs either finish or there is a quiet part you can hear the fans chanting “Kreator! Kreator!” The quality of the recording is fantastic, you know yourselves, sometimes when you get a live CD you find that the quality can be a hit or a miss – this is most definitely a hit!

The album is that good that I had goosebumps when I first heard it and having listened to the CD, I found that I need to get my hands on the Blu Ray and going off this performance I also need to see Kreator play in Germany! If you are fan of Kreator then you need this in your collection. If you are not a fan of Kreator then you still need this in your collection – you will soon become a fan of Kreator!

Kreators frontman Mille Petrozza has this to say about the album:

This show on December 22, 2012 was something special for us. One day after the officially announced apocalypse the homecoming show at Turbinenhalle was really intense. Before that we were touring on various continents and played some really special gigs. But none of them was as energized. Fans from all over Germany, Belgium and Holland came to make this DVD something magical. We can rely on our fans and on concerts in the Ruhr area anyway. While editing the footage i realized how great all came into place that December night. Thanks to all the fans! This DVD is for you!“

To sum it up, this is quite simply THE best live thrash album I have heard since Slayer released Decade of Aggression back in 1991.

SCORE – 10 out of 10
AATR Approved

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Band: Kreator
Album: Dying Alive
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: 30th August 2013
Band Website:

Track Listing:


01. Intro: Mars Mantra
02. Phantom Antichrist
03. From Flood To Fire
04. Enemy Of God
05. Phobia
06. Hordes Of Chaos
07. Civilization Collapse
08. Voices Of The Dead
09. Extreme Aggression
10. People Of The Lie
11. Death To The World
12. Coma Of Souls (Intro)
12. Endless Pain
13. Pleasure To Kill


01. Intro 2 – The Patriarch
02. Violent Revolution
03. United in Hate
04. Betrayer
05. Flag Of Hate / Tormentor

Live bonus tracks:

06. Intro / The Pestilence
07. Amok Run
08. Demon Prince
09. When The Sun Burns Red
10. Warcurse

For Fans of: Sodom, Testament, Destruction

Standout Tracks: Phantom Antichrist, Phobia, People of the Lie, Violent Revolution, When The Sun Burns Red – hell, all of them are fucking good!


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