Author: Lee Farmery

I am the drummer of signed band Furyon but am a regular Session and Dep musician throughout the U.K and abroad with years of experience from Funk,Blues,Rock,Metal and even a touch of Jazz and Latin. Experienced in Single and double pedal techniques and recording and have variations from 4 to 9 piece kits and electric kits. I play the cahon and a variation of percussion and can do main and backing vocals with harmonies. I also have been teaching for 14 yrs from Little people to older and even experienced seeking guidance . I am Very experienced on Click with a good work ethic . My equipment is my tools and insist on the best !!!!! Will travel anywhere! BRIEF HISTORY ........Noteable performances.etc 2006-2007 M.I (Musicians institute London) 1999-2001 Joined Eugene Speed ......Band (Touring ,Festivals ,Recording,etc) 2003-2004 Toured "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" Musical @Brighton Festival,Edinburgh Fringe and season in Milano. 2006 Joined FURYON ...............Till present day . 2007 Performing PRK for Manumission Ibiza 2008 + 2009 Winnipeg Fringe Festival performing "Pink Floyd " Dark side of the Moon . General touring and festivals including . Download,Bloodstock,High Voltage,Hard Rock Hell,Hammerfest,Baroeg Festival (Ne) And many other U.K and European Shows!